HammerCon 2020

The Military Cyber Professionals Association Convention

- Main Auditorium

- Scholarly Research

- Private Sector Solutions

- Capture the Flag (CTF)


WHO: Attendees are members of the American military cyber community and those interested in it. MCPA members attend for FREE. All others must pay. 

WHAT: HammerCon 2020 is the First National Convention of the MCPA. Over the course of one day, there are multiple tracks and sessions covering topics including techniques, new solutions, legislation, research, and even a CTF. Funds raised will support a scholarship for a MCPA member's child in a STEM related field (more details coming soon).

WHERE: Capitol Technology University, close to Fort Meade

WHEN: Tuesday 23 June 2020

WHY: Assemble the American military cyber community for learning, networking, and having a great time together in a safe environment where they will not be exploited. This effort is an investment in the team that is protecting our nation in and through cyberspace.

Capitol Technology University

HammerCon FAQ

Why is the MCPA convention called "HammerCon"?

HammerCon got its name since the "Order of Thor" medal is how we recognize those who have made special contributions to the military cyber community, and Thor wields a hammer. The hammer is like cyberspace in that it is a tool with the power to build and also destroy.

Why are MCPA members able to attend for free? Why exclude others?

MCPA members are able to attend for free as a demonstration of our loyalty to this community and to fulfill our mission of developing it. Joining the MCPA is actually free for certain classes of applicants (including USG employees and honorably discharged veterans), but it does take some effort to fill out the application form and verification steps. We welcome other non-member attendees to purchase tickets, just like attendees purchase tickets for any other type of event.

Why are you holding this convention by Fort Meade?

Fort Meade is home to the bulk of American military cyber professionals and we want to ensure we are catering to the needs of that specific community. It will be much less expensive in money and time for those personnel to attend this event than most other cyber-related events.

What are the details about the scholarship?

We are planning to use the funds raised from HammerCon to support a scholarship. Initial criteria for the recipient include being the child of a MCPA member and studying a STEM related field at the college level. Additional details will be published soon.

Who will be speaking and attending?

We plan to have speakers and attendees from across the growing military cyber community of interest. That includes those firmly within the military cyber community (like various cyber units and offices across the Department of Defense), their stakeholders (like the wider defense community), and those who have a vested interest in their success (like those in Congress, industry, and academia). More specifically, we plan to have numerous senior leaders (as well as personnel from all echelons) from USCYBERCOM, NSA, the Pentagon, and beyond.